We want to celebrate the universe's abundance, its calmness and patience. Everything flows from it. And everything is connected to it. Learn to access this universal energy by learning how to control your thoughts and speak to your soul. We offer the following services:

  • Spiritual coaching to individuals and families
  • Workshops on dealing with pain
  • Facilitation of retreats
  • Motivational talks
  • Writing spiritually based materials
  • Sermons to church groups

Ever wondered why spiritually mature people are always happy? Walk through the 4 step process of developing faith and find out for yourself.


STEP 1: Unconscious compliance - this is stage in our growth where our faith is externally driven through rules and regulations in our relationship with God.

STEP 2: Conscious compliance - many of us relate to God via neatly packaged doctrines and practices of our religion where we conform to the group norms.

STEP 3: Unconscious creation - some people do break free from the boxes of the previous stage and become spiritual as they cultivate an individual relationship with God that is internally driven.

STEP 4: Conscious creation - others realise that God lives inside of them and  learn how to co-create reality with Him.

An excerpt from the sermon: "Call me not a Christian...'

Call me not a Christian if I do not understand the significance of the events of that fateful Friday in Calvary against the events of that joyful Sunday of the resurrection. If I do not understand that what was death on Friday was resurrection on Sunday and that that is where my faith is anchored.

Call me not by His mighty name, if I do not acknowledge that what was doubt on Friday was belief on Sunday. When Thomas put his finger into His wounds he was consumed by the power of the resurrection.

Call me not by His mighty name, if I do not understand that what was fear on Friday was faith on Sunday. After Jesus’ death the disciples were huddled in one room under lock and key. They feared for their lives as they were possibly contemplating their next move without Him, when He suddenly appeared among them and restored their faith in God.

Therefore call me not a Christian if I do not believe that what was a betrayal on Friday was forgiveness on Sunday. The man who denied Him three times died a worse death than Him. He was crucified upside down. That was the power of the resurrection on Peter. It gave meaning to his faith.

See full version of the sermon on YouTube The Healing Channel