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Your life has never been the same again since that fateful day. You never told anyone and, even if you did, no one helped you to heal. The emotional wounds are still bleeding. You have tried to live a normal life, but the loud voice of silence is still haunting you. You have many questions with no answers.

Many fears continue to dominate your life. You feel angry with the world and you may be pretending to be happy. You have become withdrawn and anti-social or are over-compensating to regain your self-worth. This has affected how you relate to others and it is hampering your personal and emotional growth. None of the coping strategies used so far are sustainable.


Living with the silence may no longer be an option for you. It is time to seek healing. You have suffered enough and may have realised that you need help to be able to move on in life. Changing strategies is the best choice to make.

With someone to hold your hand and support you – start your journey to transform yourself from a victim to a survivor! Tell your story as a survivor, in a form that offers sensitivity to prevailing circumstances. This could be a difficult, yet empowering moment! Remember that forgiveness facilitates the transformation from a victim to a survivor. The aim of the journey is to create a better and stronger person as you heal your relationship: with yourself, with others and with your Creator.

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The Healing Collection of Books helps the reader move from pain to power and purpose. It is advisable to read the three books in order, as you will work step-by-step to understand and implement the process of Acknowledging pain, Awareness of its impact and Action to be taken to reach your destiny.

  • Book 1 of 3: Is it well with your Soul aims at assisting you to identity and analyse the pain in your life. Amazon
  • Book 2 of 3: Your Power is in your Pain demonstrates how you can use your pain as a strength to grow spiritually so you are not destroyed by it. Amazon
  • Book 3 of 3: Stepping into my higher Purpose helps you understand the reason why God has made you and how to live a purposeful life. Amazon


At Malibongwe we have also compiled a series of sermons to lift you up spiritually. They focus on growing your faith and improving your relationship with God. They encourage us not to pay lip service to our faith but contain tips and principles on how to live a purposeful life. 

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Let the healing begin


There are materials for workshops which are based on "The Triple A Framework for Healing".
When seeking to heal from life pain use the following three-step process that is explained in depth in the books:

  1. Acknowledgement of the past - accept the pain of the past and stop denying or sugar coating it.
  2. Awareness of the present - be conscious of its adverse effects on you and your relationships
  3. Action to claim the future - plan to take action to resolve it so you can enjoy inner peace

Pain is a given. Your reaction to it is a choice.