Malibongwe Healing Ministry was established to help people to heal from pain and learn lessons about leading a happy, prosperous life. The Ministry uses various techniques and platforms to reach out to all and sundry who have been touched by pain and need to understand how to deal with it in a manner that will help them grow.
May the Creator continue to use me and many other men and women to bring healing throughout the world so we can lead our families and communities to peace and reconciliation. Every healed person will touch the lives of several others and help them to heal as well. This will help us make this world a better place. Let the healing begin..

Hi, my name is Dr Thabi Molete PhD. I am an Author, Spiritual Coach and Preacher of the Word of God. I have authored four books and many more sermons about pain and living our faith. I would like to share them, along with everything I know about healing and spiritual growth.

I am a mother of three children and I was born and raised in the dusty streets of Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa. After qualifying as a teacher, I worked in the education space for the better part of my life in various management positions. I studied locally and internationally obtaining a Master’s Degree in England in Educational Psychology and a Doctorate in Education Management. Thereafter I studied theology.

After struggling to step into my higher purpose and dealing with my own pain, I founded this Healing Ministry where I assist men and women to deal with their pain through conducting workshops, spiritual coaching, delivering sermons and motivational talks in different churches and using various platforms such as radio and social media. Through my work in the community and in the church, I have touched the lives of many people from all walks of life. Through working with different people, I have learnt many lessons about pain and healing. I am grateful for the lessons from my past that were necessary for my spiritual growth. My pain was not in vain. While I acknowledge it as pain, I am at the same time grateful because it has helped me step into my higher purpose. My pain taught me to forgive. My pain taught me to appreciate what God has deposited in me.

I salute all the men and women who had the courage and resolve to heal from pain and take charge of the future instead of letting it destroy their lives. I take my hat off to those who had the courage to forgive so they can enjoy inner peace. May their testimonies be an inspiration to others. Healing is possible...